Handcrafted in Baltimore by women survivors with the healing power of love.

Hon’s Honey is a purpose-driven business that seeks to provide opportunity and sustainability. We provide an opportunity for women of Baltimore, Maryland, to rise above life’s challenges. Having meaningful work dramatically improves the lives of women and children in the community.

Hon’s Honey provides a dignified solution to an overwhelming problem for women at risk of addiction, abuse, poverty, sex-trafficking, and prostitution.

Through this social enterprise, women can take pride in the work of their hands, develop a wide-range of skills, gain work experience, manage financial independence, and provide for their families.

We seek to create a difference in our community by providing the healing power of love through community, opportunity, and creating quality, locally sourced products.

Addiction, unemployment,

generational poverty,

and sex trafficking…

…affect our area of south Baltimore. Geographically separated from the city by the Patapsco River, our neighborhoods have been overlooked and under-served for many years.

While the statistics paint a grim picture, residents are eager to see change.

As one of the most ethnically diverse areas of the city, there is great opportunity for intervention. The Well (the umbrella organization that created Hon’s Honey) saw this opportunity and began its intervention in 2013. The Well serves an estimated 800 unique individuals annually.

The programs at The Well holistically empower women and families to identify their life's purpose so that they can live with meaning and intentionality.

It is out of the COR (Community, Opportunity, Responsibility) Life Mentorship program at The Well that Hon’s Honey was founded as a social enterprise to support, empower and equip the women of Baltimore through the pride and responsibility of work as they create products for a business.

Hon’s Honey Worker Bees are graduates or actively engaged in The Well’s COR Life Mentorship Program.

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What’s a social enterprise?

A purpose-driven business, commonly referred to as a social enterprise, is a business that seeks to provide opportunity and sustainability while it addresses a social issue. By selling goods and services in the open market, social enterprises reinvest the money they make back into their community. This allows them to tackle social problems while supporting the community.


Employed women take pride in the work of their hands,

develop a wide-range of skills, manage financial independence, and provide for their families.

Through a community of support and encouragement she finds restoration and discovery of purpose. We inspire and equip women in our programs to use their gifts and then trust them to lead where they excel. Hon’s Honey gives women at risk purpose for their lives and hope for their future.

Making things with my hands, that’s where the healing happens.
— Stacey